Student Disciplinary Regulations

General Principles
Article 1-
This directive includes the basic regulation of University's Teaching and Examination Regulations with the Higher Education Student Disciplinary Trakya University students classroom, laboratory and workshop applications and their add-ons general appearance, dressed and behaviors regarding the Regulations situated some provisions on the application.
Legal Basis
Article 2- The legal basis of this directive;
1) Article 11  and 153 of the Constitution,
---- 2) No. 2596 Law on some clothes can not be worn
---- 3) The regulation of the Council of Ministers dated 02.03.1935 and 2/1958 dated wearing certain clothing
---- 4)  Law 2547 4,5,14 and 54 items
---- 5) The decision of the Office of the State Council 13/12/1984 day 8 and 1984/636 Main, 1984/1574 decree of
---- 6) 03/07/1989 day of the Constitutional Court and the 1989/1 Main, 1989/12, Decision No. Decision.
---- 7) Decision of Office of the State Council 07.07.1989 8. day and 1988/1173 Main, 1989/652
---- 8) 09.04.1991 reputation Constitutional Court and the 1990/36 Main, 1991/8 Decision
---- 9) Higher Education Director of Student Discipline 6,7,9,11 and other related materials.
---- 10) – The relevant provisions of the following regulations of Trakya University
          a) Trakya University Associate's degree, Bachelor of Education and Examinations Director 8 / e agent.
---- B) Trakya University Medical Faculty Director of Education and Examination last paragraph of Article 40 of the
---- C) TU 32 of Graduate Education and Training Directorate agent.
---- D) TU Classical Music State Conservatory Directorate of Primary School 48 agent
---- E) TU State Conservatory's Director of High School education part 62 agent.
---- F) TU State Conservatory Director of Undergraduate Education and Examination 32 agent is formed.
Article  3- In the following directive;
---- Student: any unit of the University of Trakya who see education and training.
---- Discipline Crimes: The Higher Education Student Disciplinary Regulations and other related materials that are described in 6,7,8,9,11 and discipline of the atrocities committed.
---- Disciplinary Action: Disciplinary Regulation 5 of the Higher Education Institutions described in item refers penalties.
Disciplinary Offences constituting Some Actions and Actions
Article 4 – All students in Trakya University , Faculty, Institute , College Conservatory and under the President's entire unit devoted to classrooms, laboratories , clinics , outpatient clinics, operating theaters, libraries, research and application centers, offices , dormitories , dining halls , cafeterias and corridors, meeting must include at ceremonies and contemporary outfit .
---- The boys and girls without distinction , referred to all students in these places open early , in modern dress and appearance must exist. Any religion, sect, race, language, political and ideological symbolizing prone , evoking the title of University student
contrary to the attitudes and behaviors that require  can not be engaged in clothing and visions .
Article 5 –In addition to article 4 students continuing education programs are required and relevant dean , colleges , conservatories and institutes identified by directorates required by the profession in particular is obliged to comply with the rules relating to clothing .
Article 6 - above 4 and 5 mentioned in articles violating these rules, about the " Higher Education Student Disciplinary Regulations" 6 / A, 7 / a , 7 / e , 8 / A, 9 / d, 9 / k and 11 pursuant to a disciplinary investigation appropriate disciplinary actions that are hard to pop and is determined .
---- Students engaging in such behavior fosters, supports them or the ones forcing this issue with university administration decisions about the contract , in writing, or by action against behavior in students about the aforementioned discipline provisions of the regulations are applied.
Various Regulations
Article 7 - Student Disciplinary Regulations which are not specified in these instructions are carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Higher Education.
Article 8 - The University of units issued by all kinds of different identities, certificates and
documents provided for in Article 4 of the photo to be pasted on the view has to be taken in accordance with the new announcement
Article 9 - This directive of the Presidency of the relevant departments, faculties, institutes, colleges, conservatories and mess around with the entries found hanged on the bulletin board will be announced to the students.
Article 10 - This directive adopted by the University Senate shall enter into force on the date.
Article 11 - This regulation is carried out by the Rector of the University of Trakya
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